European Solidarity Corps: a springboard for your professional future


An enriching experience and a gateway to the world

Take on new responsibilities, discover a job, a different country, another culture, familiarise yourself with other customs, learn to speak another language… Going abroad with the European Solidarity Corps is a very enriching experience. It enables you to develop a wide range of skills and also to get to know yourself better.

Effective, reassuring support

Every step of the way, there are employment advisers to help and support you. Before leaving, they will help you to work on your profile, identifying your qualities and the skills that you could improve. They will inform you on the living and working conditions of your country of destination. Moreover, they will also explain:

  • how to write and present your CV,
  • how to prepare for your recruitment interviews according to the practices in the country of destination,
  • how to complete the necessary administrative formalities.

During your placement, the advisers will continue to support you so that this period of employment is a success, so that you can make the most of it. You will acquire a maximum of new skills, both personal and professional, which will help open up new opportunities for you. The advisers are specifically trained for this programme.

Your integration under the best possible conditions

After being prepared by your employment adviser before leaving, you will be received on arrival by your employer who can implement an integration process agreed with your adviser. For example, your employer may offer the support of a tutor, provide help with registering with the relevant authorities, and give you useful information for your stay. As soon as you take up your position, your employment adviser will check that your integration is going as well as possible and will keep in touch with you throughout the duration of the placement.

When it comes to finding a job or training place, you will have acquired a solid base to give your professional life a head start, because:

  • you have received a certificate from your employer with a list of all the activities you were involved in and the tasks you carried out during your period of work,
  • you have gained in self-confidence and increased your ability to adapt, whilst being useful to others,
  • you have developed your know-how and social skills,
  • your future employer will appreciate the drive and open-mindedness that you have shown.