What is the European Solidarity Corps?


The opportunity to travel all over Europe

The European Solidarity Corps is a professional mobility scheme for young people aged 18 to 30 who are citizens and residents of the European Union. Announced by the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, in September 2016, the programme was launched in December 2016. Funded by the EU, but run, among others, by Pôle emploi, the French Public Employment Service, and its European partners for the occupational strand. It covers the entire territory of the European Union. Therefore, it offers you the opportunity to go and work in another Member State and to get involved in paid placements that are useful to people and the community.

An occasion to take part in solidarity-related activities

Identified by Pôle emploi, the French Public Employment Service, and its partners, these placements are solidarity-related in the widest sense: food aid, healthcare, social inclusion, reception of migrants and refugees, environmental protection, culture, education and so on. The placements are limited to an employment, apprenticeship or traineeship contract for a period of between two and twelve months. By participating in this programme, you will receive a salary or an allowance from your employer, depending on the type of contracts.

It is easy, useful and effective


It’s easy: all you have to do is register on the European Commission portal dedicated to the European Solidarity Corps. You can do so from the age of 17, even if you must have turned 18 to be able to start your project.

It’s useful: as soon as you register on our site, you will benefit from specific help and support:

  • you will have an interview with an employment adviser,
  • you will prepare your application with this adviser,
  • your application will be proposed, with your agreement, to the companies that have posted solidarity-related job offers or that are liable to offer such jobs,
  • under certain conditions, the European Solidarity Corps can fund a large part of your mobility project: your travel to a recruitment interview, your relocation expenses, the recognition of your diplomas and/or qualifications, language classes if necessary… and your trip back home!

It’s effective: when you get back, your adviser will evaluate your new skills and know-how. He or she will help you to make the most of what you have learned, to update your CV or look for the professional sectors and job or training offers best suited to your new profile.

An opportunity to put your values into practice

Your participation in the European Solidarity Corps implies that you adhere to its charter. It sets out the rules, missions and principles behind the programme: solidarity and respect for human rights and human dignity. The companies that you will be joining will also have signed a charter. They have to offer quality activities in an environment respectful to individuals. The employment advisers supporting you will also ensure that your future employer provides social cover in line with what is expected in the programme.

More than 40,000 young people* have signed up to the European Solidarity Corps
*Figure for December 7th 2017

40,000 young people* have signed up to the European Solidarity Corps
*Figure for November 2017
European Solidarity Corps: a springboard for your professional future